The Nourished Path - Building health with nutritional foundations

     I work with a holistic approach to understanding the body's individual health challenges.  I offer a free consult to discuss your health concerns and introduce my approach to working with clients. I like to use a Functional approach to health, which respects each person as an individual, and seeks to address the underlying cause of your health concerns. I enjoy engaging in a partnership with you to work to  focus on your concerns.
     Nutritional Therapy assesses important Nutritional Foundations for each person. These foundations include Hydration, Mineral balance,         Digestion, Blood Sugar balance and Essential Fatty Acid balance. 
     I address each client's health concern with consideration of their unique health history, or bio-individuality. 
     I offer nutritional therapy consulting for IBS, Celiac, Lyme Disease, Food Allergies, Leaky Gut, and Auto Immune conditions.  
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