The Nourished Path - Building health with nutritional foundations

    " Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

     I concern myself with providing support for health and wellness through the foods we eat each day. I encourage nutrient dense foods
that are locally available from family gardens, Farmer's Markets and  
small sustainable farms in our community. 

     With all good intentions, we shop for freshness,  and enjoy produce from our own gardens.  We enjoy the seasonal food choices and enhance the flavors brought forth by favorite recipes.
     My focus is to insure that all the time shopping, preparing and cooking food actually provides us with our necessary nutrients.

       By offering your body the whole foods that it needs, healthy growth and healing can take place. While we think of sound nutrition as making healthy food choices, the idea of healthy digestion takes a quiet backseat behind the appetites that come to the table. 
      Among all of our daily metabolism, digestion requires the most energy within us to transform our food into fuel. 

                       Every cell requires good digestion.
              To eat is Human, to digest, Divine. ~ Mark Twain
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